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Would you play a Nintendo MMO?

Would you play a Nintendo MMO?

by March 10, 2015 0 comments

I’ve been rattling around the idea of a Nintendo MMO. How cool would it be if we could blend each background of our most praised childhood icons?

Nintendo has the market cornered when it comes to character nostalgia. For years, they’ve pioneered gaming and created a universe full of our most memorable adventurers. Games like Super Smash Bros. have shown that fans love when their favorite mascots are pitted against one another. So, imagine if you could develop your own character from their respected faction.

What if the World of Nintendo separated the light from the dark. What if the Mushroom Kingdom, Kong Island, Hyrule, Corneria, Dream Land, Kanto and the Galactic Federation represented the Alliance, and the Koopa Kingdom, Crocodile Isle, Dark World, Venom, Castle Dedede, Team Rocket and Planet Zebes was the Horde. It would be the ultimate mashup of Nintendo folklore.

Each area could have its individual classes and races with pros and cons. All races would have a base set of skills that could be amplified by the selected class. For instance, start off as a Kong and have increased melee damage but the inability to wear heavy armor. Traverse your way through the jungle to reach Hyrule Field and obtain the skills of a Hylian warrior. Increase your attack power and speed by mastering weaponry and heighten your defense with the capability to utilize a shield. However, as a Kong, you would be unable to join the Galactic Federation because you cannot wear a Power Suit.

Pokemon trainers could act as mages or healers, summoning Pokemon like spells. Specialize in certain types, like a Gym Leader, to maximize your effectiveness against specific enemies. Focus on fire and electric types to magnify damage percentage or exclusively use poison and ice Pokemon to concentrate your skills on debuffs.

In the Mushroom Kingdom, train as a member of the Super Bros and gain an arsenal of mushroom buffs and custom suits. Experiment with different combinations to expand your character’s versatility. Use the fire flower and flying squirrels suit to rain down attacks from above or combine the mega mushroom and metal cap to deal massive damage, but at the cost of becoming a larger target for other players.

Once players have perfected their skill tree, they could join forces to perform raids on unforgettable stages. Fantasize a raid team comprised of Toads wearing Power suits, Pokemon trained in the Cornerian army and the Super Hylian Bros, uniting to take down Boo’s Mansion. Imagine navigating through a horde of invisible enemies and killer pianos to triumphantly conquer the ghost king himself. I always wondered if a psychic type would be super effective against Boos.

Of course, these are all the wishful delusions of a Nintendo fanboy. As much as I crave an online universe of the games I dedicated countless hours of my adolescence to, I must contemplate the negatives that could come out of such creations.
Would we get a World of Warcraft clone with Nintendo paint slapped over it? Not that WOW is a bad game; I just don’t believe it’s what fans of these series would want. Nintendo revolutionized the industry again and again with their games. Mario saved video games from a probable extinction; Metroid and Zelda changed what we expected of the action adventure series, and there are few 90’s kid who weren’t trying to catch ’em all. It would be a slap in the face to devotees to get a rehash of something that already exists. This game would have to bring something new to the genre that would make it a staple of the MMO world and developing it for consoles wouldn’t make that easy. With the Wii U’s touchpad, you could ideally add more commands to the screen, but this would force you away from the actual gameplay. Constantly having to look down to select items or decide your next attack would make for sluggish and awkward game mechanics.

I know it seems bizarre to bash the idea I so promptly promoted, but in no way do I think you can create a great game simply with nostalgia. It takes a long time, with a great development team, to produce a product that the public loves. Nintendo has proven time and time again that they can do that; they brought us Star Fox, Pokemon and Ocarina of Time, but they also brought us Skyward Sword. Hopefully, if this idea does come to fruition, it becomes an experience that gamers have never had before and never forget.

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