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Rock Band 4 Officially Announced

Rock Band 4 Officially Announced

by April 4, 2015 0 comments

It has been 5 years since the last Rock Band was released and now the king of party games is making a triumphant return. Harmonix announced game is scheduled to release this year for PS4 and Xbox One, though no official date has been confirmed. that the  So pick up a case of beer and get all your friends together, unless you have no friends, then this game is a constant reminder of how alone you are. But for everyone else time to Rock out with our cock out.

All DLC from previous installments will be playable with Rock Band 4, but that doesn’t include any hard disk content. So that mean you wont be able to bring over any tracks from Rock Band Beatles or any version of Rock Band you purchased in store. This is kinda lame but Harmoix stated this was due to “licensing issues”.

It hasn’t been verified whether or not your old plastic guitars and and drum sets will be compatible with the new game. This is a hardware issue because the next gen systems communicate with controllers differently than they’re predecessors. They’re speculation that Harmonix will release adapters that you can attach to the last gen instruments to make then function with the current generations of consoles. For those of you who broke all your instruments because you would play a game of beer pong in between each song (one of the best gaming drinking games), the new hardware is being developed by Mad Catz .

This is pretty big news, I never owned Rock Band or Guitar Hero but I had a lot of fun playing with friends who did (friends you spent they’re disposable income on gaming hardware instead of weed). But I distinctly remember the biggest problem with this genre of gaming was the overflow. There was way too many of theses games in a short period of time. Between Rock Band and Guitar Hero releasing annually and then spin offs like DJ Hero, people got tired of hearing about it. Hamonix plans to fix this problem by releasing no sequels to Rock Band, instead updates and DLC will improve the game you’ve already purchased. So you don’t have to worry about buying a new game every year.

This sounds pretty awesome, its been too long since I had a game tell me I’m better at guitar than someone who actually plays guitar. Keep checking into Cyberpot for more updates on gaming.

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