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Nintendo’s Smartphone Partnership and a new Console

Nintendo’s Smartphone Partnership and a new Console

by March 20, 2015 0 comments

If you haven’t heard by now, Nintendo has announced that they are teaming up with mobile game company, DeNA, to venture into the smartphone market. This is quite the surprise considering that previous to this reveal they were extremely opposed to distributing any content for mobile devices other than the DS. It seems that this move was inevitable with the progress of cell phones in the recent years and this has already proven to be a smart move by Nintendo. The company’s stock price and increased over 25% since the news and is still climbing.

No confirmation has been made concerning which operating system these titles will be available for. DeNA currently produces games for both the App Store and Android’s Google Play Store, so it is possible that all content will be accessible on both platforms.
There was some surprise that Nintendo’s chose to partner with DeNA, since it is not the largest player in the mobile market. Some believe this is because Nintendo already brings so much software that it does not need the extra support, but I see it as something different.
The decision to team with a smaller company was most likely to ensure that Nintendo has full control over they’re IPs. Nintendo has a long history of wanting supremacy over anything released with its name attached. This was the reason it took the company this long to start manufacturing proprieties for smartphones, it couldn’t accept that Gameboy was no longer controlling the handheld market.

There is no official date for the first of the Nintendo smartphone Apps, but it has been confirmed that it will be attainable this year. Also the games produced won’t be ports from previous Nintendo titles, they will be original IP built from the ground up specifically for phones.

In other big news, Nintendo announced that its working on a new console. The system has been code named the NX, which may be hinting at a home and handheld console crossover. This could mean that the 3DS is being replaced by another portable gaming device to help promote the Wii U. Nintendo made a similar move during the Gamecube era, when they introduced the DS while the Gameboy Advanced was still in circulation. They called this “The 3 Pillars,” which eventually lead to the end of the GBA. It will be a while before we know more about the NX. Nintendo President, Satoru Iwatam, stated in a press conference that “it is too early to elaborate on the details of this project, but he hopes to share more information with you next year”

This is a breath of fresh air for what seemed to be a struggling Wii U. To wrap all these things together, Nintendo announced that they will be introducing a new subscription plan to replace Club Nintendo. This will have cross-interface with smartphones, tablets, desktops, the 3DS, Wii U and the ever approaching NX.
These are some strong moves that might turn things around for Nintendo and have grabbed the attention of the public. All it takes is one game as popular as Candy Crush or Clash of Clans for Mario to be back on top.
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