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Final Fantasy XV Might Revive the Series

Final Fantasy XV Might Revive the Series

by April 4, 2015 1 comment

Any Final Fantasy fan knows that the last few iterations of the main series have been less than impressive. Final Fantasy XIII was so literally linear it was nicknamed “The Hallway”. But with gameplay footage and critiques of the Finaly Fantasy XV: Episode “Duscae” swirling around the net, it looks like FFXV’s game director  Hajime Tabata going in a completely different direction with the series. First of all the entire universe diverges from the status quo of Final Fantasy. Previous installments have had over the top environments unique to each edtion, with equally bizarre and interesting storylines (sometimes interesting, sometimes they’re just weird). In FFXV you start out on a road trip with your buddies in regular car, on a regular road, not flying through space on a talking dragon. The player even has to stop at a gas station to get their car fixed. This might seem kinda lame but keep reading.

As you pass through this seemingly normal world, strange JRPG style creature are scattered through the landscape and you can encounter them as you wish, because the game is completely open world. Perhaps this is a knee jerk response to the amount of backlash received from FFXIII but it seems to be for the better. The way this game is approaching the style of open world gameplay, mixing a all bro road trip with the eccentric quirks of Final Fantasy, lays the foundation for a nerds dream vacation.

Also the turn based combat system has been removed. All enemies will be dealt with in real time with no loading screens, the game will seamlessly flow into battle sequences. To prevent the combat from mimicking a standard hack and slasher, a weapon combination system has been put in place. You are given an arsenal of weaponry that can be used in tandem with one another to perform different combos. For instance, start with a heavy weapon that swings slowly but will knock an enemy off balance, then switch to quick sword to maximize your damage out put. You can adjust the order of each weapon you use to affect how your combos will play out.
Your character is also given stronger super moves and dodge techniques which are connected to a recharging MP meter. MP is a essential part of the combat. if it gets depleted you’re character will be vulnerable and unable to attack.

There is a day and night element added to the game which puts in a genuine leveling mechanic. You don’t level up after you finish a battle, since your on a road trip your characters stop at night to camp, this is when you’ll receive all your accumulated experience points from the day. Camping will also affect your progress for the next day. One of the members of your group is a cook, depending on the food items your able acquire through out your battles will depict what meals he’s able to make. The better you eat, the better buffs your party will earn for the following day.

For everyone who wasn’t lucky enough to go to PAX East and play this early access demo, we have some good news. Episode Duscae isn’t a Demo because none of three hours (at minimum three hours) of content are going to make it into the game. This huge chunk of gameplay is going the be extra content for everyone who pre-orders Final Fantasy Type Zero. So if you’re dying to find out what the new Final Fantasy feels like then you know how to get your hand on it. I guess that last part is more of a marketing ploy then news, but its better than me saying you have to wait to the games release. There still is no official release date for FFXV, talk around the web says earliest holiday season 2015.
To hold you off check out this video that’s 40 minutes of the game (sorry it’s in Japanese).

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