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Evolve: Multi Vs. Single

by April 4, 2015 0 comments

Quickly approaches the release of Evolve, one of the most anticipated games of 2015 and with it comes the question: how is the single player? The majority of the previews of Evolve have been about online experience which leads me to believe that the campaign mode will be lacking. The lure is in the team based game play, and that’s my point, if your not going make a solid single player why include it? Why not remove the single player experience and give the customer an enhanced version of what they really want.With the game being delayed 4 month, a $15 day-one DLC and Evolve’s creative director Phil Robb saying “We never wanted to make a game that told a story” it seems the developers would have been able to create a stronger game without the it.I understand, you don’t want to alienate the offline market, but they would still enjoy the multiplayer in LAN gaming and a title such as Evolve wouldn’t be worth the price tag if your getting just for the campaign. I think it would be better to include mini game modes like “Nazi Zombies” from Call of Duty for offline gamers, which provide endless game play and are easier to make, leaving developers the resources to focus on the core of the game.

I started playing video games before online and the completionist in me wants an expansive single player with unlockables and Easter eggs. But I’ve also evolved (excuse the pun) with gaming and understand that online creates a vast new playground for gamers and some games simply don’t need more. Perhaps it’s time that game companies abandon the archaic idea that all console first person shooters need a story mode to accompany all types. There are plenty of single player shooters for offline gamer to get there fix.

Hopefully, in the near future we’ll see a shift in game development towards innovation and not appeasing the all mighty dollar sign.

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