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3 Odd Action Figure Mashups

3 Odd Action Figure Mashups

by April 4, 2015 0 comments

There have been some pretty epic team-ups between many heroes and sometimes even villains. New to my list has to be the awesome and oftentimes really weird character mashups that happen when customizers take two very different worlds and mash them together to create hellspawn like.

1. Grouch-O Master of Garbage
One of my favorites shows growing up was Masters of the Universe, What’s not to like?, there are plenty of characters that yell and then lose most of their clothing to become more powerful. Another of those shows that no one would like to admit they watched as a child but has long since repressed all the times they saw it was Sesame Street. What could possibly come from those two very contrasting shows?


Now at the first look is something that I would say “Looks freaking sweet”. Then I would realize that someone first had to find a Moss Man action figure (The cheapest one I could find with all of 5 seconds of research) $42.90, most of which are collectors items. Then you’d have to break the figure in order to customize it. Now the entire concept behind this figure is really neat but then I read the entire backstory it’s creator came up with as to how this figure came into existence, (Something this particular site encourages) its quite impressive at times and then it gets quite sad.

Finally if it wasn’t bad enough that he had a backstory and had to destroy what I’d call a collectible they then the customizer goes on to have a single panel comic that that cheapens it a bit more. Whatever your view on this is just know there are plenty more where that came from with even more terrible implications.


2. Teenage Mutant Street Fighter Turtles
Overall this is a really cool concept but blows my mind on how out there it really is, again two beloved things from our childhoods is smashed together to make something, that for the most part, is pretty freaking cool. They go from ones that look super cool like Shreddem.


To ones that don’t really make sense like Kran-Gat


Like anyone who grew up in the 90’s a big part of that was the Ninja Turtles and playing Street Fighter in the arcade. There have been many times where these two franchises have crossed other ones like with The Power Rangers or Marvel respectively but until now we never would’ve known what it would look like if Chun-Li and April O’Neil merged into one fanboy’s wet dream


3. Anything that Uses a Bratz Doll
I’m going to come out and say it straight up, Bratz dolls weird me out, and there is nothing a customizer can do to them to change that. This customizer has however made one of the dumbest looking toys out there look somewhat collectible by adding paint jobs and new clothing. Most of them are super heroes or villains just in large-headed Bratz form.


Now I wouldn’t consider these toys to be mashups per se but they add kind of a new animation style to characters that we know and love. The weird thing is out of all the ones on this list it looks like most of these get sold, and at a decent profit to the customizer too as long as her material costs aren’t to extravagant.


Overall I will definitely keep an eye out for weird action figures even though some can be creepy or amateurish, but for the most part they come out looking like something that would sit well on a shelf next to all my other creepy things.


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