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7 Steps to Sustainability

We’re living in scary times, right now, but things may have always been this rough. There’s no real way to tell. However, we’re facing water and food shortages, climate change, mass extinctions, forest fires, epidemics, and spiders still climb into

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Flying High: First Hemp Plane

I’ve made so many fucking jokes already about smoking weed on airplanes and airports that I promise I won’t make any related puns in this article (beyond the one in the title). So, as you’ve seen (considering you read the

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A Café That Only Serves Ugly Veggies

According to TakePart.com, approximately 40 percent of all food in the United States is thrown out. More surprisingly, a lot of that waste is the result of aesthetic decisions. Meaning, people throw out ugly food, specifically, ugly produce. Owners of

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