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Stoned Comedians Are Ruining Shows in Colorado

I’m going to start this article off with some personal anecdotes. As a comedian, and a purveyor of the “green arts,” I feel  that it’s only appropriate. Toronto is a city with several marijuana lounges, each of which has its own

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Stoner Etiquette – 10 Tips For Improving Your Smoking Manners

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for using the term “stoner,” as it and “pothead” have grown out of fashion. Those words seem to have the connotations of an epithet now that attitudes towards marijuana have loosened. It does an injustice

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Study: Your Lungs Are Fine, Stoners

Great news! Well, for you moderate smokers, at least: a new study has been released which claims that prolonged use of marijuana does not have adverse effects on your lungs. Everybody use your healthy lungs to exclaim “Whoo hoo!” The

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