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Toke Like An Egyptian – Egypt To Legalize Hashish

A report from the Egypt Independent, has made claims that The Cigarette Dealers Association in Cairo and Giza, have begun consideration for the legalization of hashish across the country. When taken into consideration, the LE1 billion that is spent trying to prevent

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Stoned Comedians Are Ruining Shows in Colorado

I’m going to start this article off with some personal anecdotes. As a comedian, and a purveyor of the “green arts,” I feel  that it’s only appropriate. Toronto is a city with several marijuana lounges, each of which has its own

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Hashing It Out: Lebanese Hash Farmers To Aid In Fight Against ISIS

A couple weeks ago, we reported on some of those ISIS jerks in Syria setting fire to a shit ton of marijuana in order to destroy the plants. Since those images and stories emerged, tensions in the Middle East have grown, as

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