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Toke Like An Egyptian – Egypt To Legalize Hashish

Toke Like An Egyptian – Egypt To Legalize Hashish

by April 7, 2015 6 comments

A report from the Egypt Independent, has made claims that The Cigarette Dealers Association in Cairo and Giza, have begun consideration for the legalization of hashish across the country. When taken into consideration, the LE1 billion that is spent trying to prevent the sale, distribution, use and cultivation of the marijuana derivative, it’s not worth the battle. Especially when looking at how countries who have taken the leap to legalize marijuana, have only benefitted from the move, politically, medically and of course, every government officials favorite, financially. Also, in Egypt hashish already brings in approximately LE42billion in sales, which makes up a large chunk of the country’s domestic sales, 2.5% of national income.

The chairman of the association, Osama Salama, has suggested a 10% taxation on hashish, which would not only support the country, but it would create new jobs and dismantle the black market and crime syndicates associated with drug sales. He says that the tax will go up every year until it reaches a %50 taxation. That’s a little nuts, if you ask me, but he’s not asking me so let’s continue. If Egypt legalizes hash, it’ll take away from the monopoly held by countries like Morocco, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

The world is waking up.


[Via Egypt Independent]


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