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Don’t Blow My Buzz: Tensions Build Over Colorado Legalization

Don’t Blow My Buzz: Tensions Build Over Colorado Legalization

by January 7, 2015 0 comments

Marijuana: It’s almost legal. More and more states (and countries) are opening up to the possibilities that legalization might bring. In Colorado, alone, tens of millions in tax dollars has been collected during what has only been the first year since marijuana was legalized in the state for medical and recreational use. Citations for marijuana possession in Colorado have plummeted from 9,011 in 2010 to a projected 1,464 in 2014 (Denver Post). There’s even been a statewide drop in traffic deaths.

Because hitting someone with your car would totally fuck up your vibe.

If all of these great things are happening, then why is there still opposition to the reform? Well, maybe some people just like to blow your buzz. Now, instead of tensions easing over drug policy, both sides have found more to argue about.

And we sit quietly in between, like when your friends argue endlessly about which Star Wars was best (everyone knows it’s Empire)

Despite a decrease in citations for possession, those in opposition to reform claim that there’s been a large increase in tickets for smoking marijuana in public (184 in 2013 to 668 in 2014). Unfortunately, smoking marijuana in public is still illegal along with possession of over an ounce of marijuana for non-medical users. An increase in pot usage by Coloradans and an increase in accidental ingestion by children have been cited as well.

I only see the latter as problematic.

[Via: The Denver Post]

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