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Snoop Dogg Invests In Marijuana Tech Companies My Nizzle

Snoop Dogg Invests In Marijuana Tech Companies My Nizzle

by February 11, 2015 0 comments

Snoop Dogg is one of those public figures who can on one hand offend the public and impress us on the other. Though Snoop has recently gotten in trouble on social media for making jokes about race and homosexuality, it seems that we still love the 43-year old rapper, especially in the cannabis community. Snoop Dogg has always been one of the most visible advocates for marijuana use, and we can assume legalization.

Calvin Broadus Jr., or Snoop Dogg, is now investing in marijuana business. Specifically in technology firms involved in the ever-growing business. He isn’t the only celebrity name attached to the business either; rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill was just granted the power to start a dispensary, Bethany Frankel is bringing her SkinnyGirl brand to the pot business and Bob Marley’s family are using the signer’s image and likeness to launch the first legal marijuana “brand.” Some advocates are excited about the celebrity endorsements as they create visibility for the movement. Others “…in the community are weary and wary of celebrities,”  KC Stark, founder and chief of the MMJ Business Academy based in Colorado Springs, said of the recent endorsements. He continued by saying, “The laws did not change because of celebrities, it changed because average Americans all across the nation decided to stand up, speak up, and show up to vote.” He did recognize that endorsements do allow for better funding, considering most marijuana business is in the fashion of the “mom and pop” model.

Don’t you wish it was your mom and pop?

However, some companies such as Leafline Labs, PalliaTech and Four Twenty Investments raised more than $10 million individually, on their own. A startup company soon will have Snoop’s $25 Million investment, and more celebrities are sure to follow.

Maybe we’ll see stars like Willie Nelson, Tommy Chong and Seth Rogan among them.  I’m just speculating, but I think it’d be a lot of fun to see.

[Via International Business Times]

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