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“Shattered” Lives: Preventing Explosions And Black Market Sales

“Shattered” Lives: Preventing Explosions And Black Market Sales

by January 28, 2015 0 comments

On June 22nd, 2014, several people were charged in a case called “Operation Shatter,” following several explosions in Washinton residences caused by individuals attempting to produce their own marijuana extracts. In these instances, much property damage had been done, but more importantly there were many people injured. Some, including a former mayoral candidate were even killed. A similar case ensued in Southern California.

The fact of the matter is that without the right training and equipment, producing extracts (such as dabs and shatter) is a highly dangerous procedure. It’s also an argument for better regulation and further legalization. Marijuana extracts are unavailable for sale by dispensaries unless used for infusion (edibles, etc.). As a result, many attempt to make the product themselves, often dangerously. The lack of legal availability creates growth of demand within the black market.

The law states the following:

Marijuana extracts, such as hash, hash oil, shatter, and wax can be infused in products sold in a marijuana retail store, but RCW 69.50.354 does not allow the sale of extracts that are not infused in products. A marijuana extract does not meet the definition of a marijuana-infused product per RCW 69.50.101.

In May of 2014, Washington State Legislature passed a bill allowing the sale of concentrates from retail stores, as a response to the dangers of both black market sales and home production methods. This bill also makes amendments to the regulations in regards to marijuana extract procurement; equipment and facilities must be up to regulatory standards in order to be legally applicable.

It’s time already, let’s just get to the point where we’ve accepted that pot is only dangerous when made illegal.

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