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The Secret Behind McDonald’s Fries

The Secret Behind McDonald’s Fries

by January 23, 2015 0 comments

Recently, I went for some late night munchies with a friend, and we went to what was the only place open late at night: McDonalds. I ordered a burger, some fries and two apple pies. I love McDonald’s apple pies, but my friend – as friends are known to do – felt the need to ruin my favorite treat with false and nearly mythological information. She told me that the apples in the pie aren’t apples, but potatoes. I didn’t believe her for numerous reasons (which included me not having suffered major head trauma enough to be unable to tell the difference between a potato and an apple). I checked the company’s website, which includes a section with all nutrition and ingredient information on McDonald’s foods, including failed and discontinued items. Unsurprisingly the apple pies contained real apples, but now I was sad about everything that surrounded the actual apples.

I still eat those pies. Even though, we all know it’s terrible for us, McDonald’s provides great munchies at the right times. The reason might be that their food is consistent, and they’ve become fairly transparent in sharing their food making processes. They even started the 2014 campaign, ‘Our Food. Your Questions,’ which has led to the recent video made by Mythbusters host, Grant Imahara. In the video, Imahara walks viewers backward through the process which produces McDonald’s fries. And it all started with the question, “Are they actually made from potatoes.”

The answer is yes, but they have 18 other ingredients, mostly preservatives, flavorings, and color enhancers. These include a form of silicone found in Silly Putty and a petrol-based chemical.


Imahara takes viewers from the restaurant to the factory floor, all the way to the fields in which the, surprisingly, non-GMO potatoes are grown. Disgusted or not, you’ll probably still want some fries after watching the video below:

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[Via Daily Mail]

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