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Power Ranger Kills Roommate With Sword

Power Ranger Kills Roommate With Sword

by February 2, 2015 1 comment

Remember when we were kids, and we were told that Power Rangers was a dangerous influence? We all thought the myths about kids killing each other on playgrounds while reenacting their favorite scenes from the ever popular TV show, were false. They likely were. Today, one of the many actors to play a Power Ranger is sitting on a $1 Million bail, after allegedly murdering his roommate with a sword. An actual sword.

Ricardo Medina, 36, was arrested following the altercation, which happened just before 4 p.m. on Saturday at his house in Los Angeles County, according to authorities. So far the story is that Medina, who played a red ranger in Power Rangers Wild Force and voiced another ranger in Power Rangers Samurai, had been arguing with his roommate, before removing himself and his girlfriend into another room. The roommate followed the two, forcing himself into the room, where Medina grabbed the sword he kept next to his bed and fatally stabbed the other man. Ricardo Medina, called 911 and waited for the police to arrive.

Medina’s friends and colleagues are shocked by the incident. His agent had the following comment:

“He’s been my friend and client for 12 years and he’s a great guy…He’s great to his dog, he’s great to his people. He’s really a super person.”

You can watch the intro to the Power Rangers spin-off here:

The news report is as follows:


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