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We Now Have Too Much Time: 2015 Gets An Extra Second

We Now Have Too Much Time: 2015 Gets An Extra Second

by January 8, 2015 0 comments

I know a lot of pot users who live 20 minutes ahead of time, just to make sure they’re never late. They are…but it’s a good effort nonetheless.

This year, 2015 on the Gregorian calendar, the world will experience a whole extra second, on June 30, there will be an extra second in the day, making the hour before midnight 3,601 seconds long.

Oooo! What are you going to with all your new spare time?

Leap seconds, similar to leap years, occur so that we can tune our time keeping devices with nature. We have leap years, because a year isn’t exactly 365 days long. A year on earth is actually 365.25 days long, creating the need for leap years, because otherwise we’d lose track of time.

I mean everyone, not just potheads.

The need for leap seconds is way more sci-fi though, and I’ll try to pretend I’m adept enough to explain it to you.

The rate at which the Earth spins is affected by nearby bodies, specifically the moon. Every day the Earth spins a bit slower than the day before, putting us behind an average of 0.002 seconds a day. If we ignored these conditions, we’d end up with midnight at noon.

It’d be trippy, but that shit would definitely ruin your day.

Modern technology, however, has made the measurement of these changes harder, as several websites have suffered in the past from leap seconds. Some folks think it would be a good idea to abolish leap seconds¬†because their effect won’t be apparent until centuries from now.

Those generations are already doing our laundry. Maybe we shouldn’t add to their list of problems.

[Via I Fucking Love Science]

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