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And Now You Can Sell Your Poop

And Now You Can Sell Your Poop

by February 10, 2015 0 comments

For the record, this is the 3rd poop related article I’ve done so far. I think I do a good job at the shitty task. Alright, let’s move on.

This time, instead of pooping whales or sending turds to people you hate, this poop sampling is actually in order to save lives. If you live in Medford, Massachusetts, you may be eligible to have someone pay for your caca, and you can save a life while doing it. Applicants will have their blood and stool (what else) sampled, their BMI noted, and blood pressure taken. What’s all this crap for, you ask? It’s to help those suffering from a bacterial infection from Clostridium difficile which is highly resistant to antibiotics and it affects about 250,000 Americans each year and causes about 14,000 deaths. So OpenBiome, a non-profit, is looking to aid those suffering, by collecting healthy dookie. The bacteria basically destroy all healthy bacteria and enzymes in the individual’s intestine. The only thing that’s aided in successfully restoring patients to normal, or at least functional…is fecal transplant.

I’ll spare you the details because, if you’re high, it’ll likely be too vivid and graphic, and you’ll probably not feel too good. But they basically insert frozen feces into the patient, and hope for the best. This requires donors to commit to several samples a week. You can join in or donate, and if you’re accepted you can make about $50 bucks a week just for taking your morning dump, and again, you’ll help someone in need.

Remember all those folks who said you wouldn’t do shit with your life? Now you can use shit to do something with your life and to better someone else’s. I think that’s pretty cool.

[Via I Fucking Love Science]

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