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New Study: Marijuana Doesn’t Fuck Up Your Brain

New Study: Marijuana Doesn’t Fuck Up Your Brain

by January 30, 2015 0 comments

Look at that article title, scientific ain’t it? Regardless of my stupidity, a recent scientific study has found no proof that marijuana affects brain size, growth or development in healthy adults or adolescents. The research was conducted following the publication of several articles that stated otherwise, including that marijuana degrades brain function and even IQ. The result of this most recent study finds itself in conflict with those earlier claims.

The difference between the two studies, as well, is that the latter one took into account tobacco and alcohol use. Specifically because alcohol is known to cause brain abnormalities and degradation. With growing levels of acceptance towards cannabis and the legalization of the plant, more and more research is being done. This includes bad and misconducted studies, which would allow for those opposed to legalization having a “scientific” basis for their claims towards marijuana as a detriment to health and society, instead of a medicine and a taxation cash cow.

Admittedly, the second study neglected certain factors such as causality of marijuana use and socioeconomic standings, which may also lead to the use and abuse of other drugs. However, the study took into account such factors as age, gender and emotional health.

This issue, specifically will be the exhausted focus of much of the debate for and against legalization and use of marijuana, as it always has been. Except now potheads have scientists coming to their defense.

Their message? “Chill out, man!”

[Via I Fucking Love Science]

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