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Oh, Cannabis: Marijuana Store on US/Canada Border

Oh, Cannabis: Marijuana Store on US/Canada Border

by February 10, 2015 0 comments

I’ve met many Americans who, for some reason believe Canada has already legalized marijuana. The fact is, Canada hasn’t. There was a very brief moment in time where that was the case, but it isn’t that way any longer. In fact, Canada’s recently seen a little bit of tightening in regards to marijuana laws, due to an extremely (and dangerously) conservative government. Canada’s decriminalization (not legalization) of marijuana, was stifled by an American conservative government (remember GW?). However, Canadians tend to be open about marijuana, and Canada has been more or less lenient in regards to pot. Medical marijuana is available though limited, and pot lounges exist across Canada. However, it is still federally banned there.  There are by-laws that make some of these things possible. But what happens now, that marijuana is legal in some of the United States, including those that are right on the border of the U.S. and Canada?

Washington is one such state, and recently, the first legal marijuana store has opened up at the border (approx. 1km away) of the Great White North and The Land of the Free. The shop, Evergreen Cannabis, has seen its share of Canadian tourists. Although prices for the legal stuff across the border are pretty high in comparison to Canadian black market prices ($18USD as opposed to $10CAD for one gram). Also, Canadians crossing the border into Washington will be asked about their intentions for coming into the state, and may even be asked if they’ve ever smoked marijuana. If the answer is that they are going to buy marijuana, or that they have used the plant, they can be turned away.

Marijuana use is also illegal in public in Washington. Canadian’s visiting may have trouble finding a safe location to use their pot, as it’s a major felony to cross the border with it. Blaine, Washington, where the store is located, is a quiet town, and some residents are excited about the new tourism. One individual was quoted saying, “Now the Canadians can come here to buy something besides milk and gas.”

Indeed, sir.

[Via Cannabis Culture]

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