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Marijuana Overdoses? Mending the Credibility of Edibles

Marijuana Overdoses? Mending the Credibility of Edibles

by February 3, 2015 0 comments

Nearly 50% of Colorado’s marijuana sales are based in edibles, which include candies and chocolate bars. Over the last year, there have been reports of accidental ingestion of marijuana edibles by children, and overdoses due to a lack of available dosage information on product packaging. Edibles, which are produced mainly for those suffering from any number of illnesses for which marijuana is used as a treatment, are now required to include both dosage information and child-proof packaging. The new rules require warnings about the effects of edible marijuana.

For example, manufacturers of products like chocolate bars, have to label each square of chocolate with the dosage of THC – everyone’s favorite cannabinoid – available in each square. The legal maximum amount is 10-milligrams. Cookies are available now, only in individual, child proof packages. Mints come in bubble or blister packaging, and candies are also sold as single doses. In any new industry, there will always be amendments to the rules and regulations regarding the distribution of any product. This is especially true, when it comes to the ingestion of said product.

Besides, kids are willing to eat anything. I, myself, ate crayons and pennies a couple of times, but they had no temporary or lasting psychoactive effects. I don’t think I needed them anyway.

Package labeling also states that users should be aware of the time it takes for edibles to activate once ingested, so as not to cause overdosing. It can take up to 30-mins to 2-hours before any effects take place, and impatience can be a danger.

One time I ate a whole tray of brownies for this reason, and then my bus ride home was horrifying. “Everybody’s watching me.”

A young man recently took too many edibles and committed suicide, as a result. Which seems very extreme, and this one-time case shouldn’t put a damper on the case for legalization. Most people would just watch cartoons with much veracity.

[Via CBS News]

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