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Marijuana Laws Are Unconstitutional Says Judge

Marijuana Laws Are Unconstitutional Says Judge

by February 13, 2015 0 comments

Currently, nine men are on trial for illegally growing marijuana. While that sounds as horrible as it is, it could be a good thing. The federal judge in charge of the case has come to accept the possibility that the United State’s federal marijuana laws are unconstitutional. Marijuana is considered federally, to be a Schedule 1 drug, which means that it’s seen to be highly dangerous, addictive and without any medical benefits. Cocaine, OxyContin and methamphetamine are Schedule 2 drugs, which means they are considered safer and with more medical usability than marijuana. What has created the major debate is the fact that 23 states have made the drug legal for medical use, and 4 have made it legal for recreational use as well (with more on the way).

If the men are prosecuted, they face a possible life imprisonment and a $10-million fine. That is completely fucked, right judge?

“If I were persuaded by the defense’s argument, if I bought their argument, what would you lose here?” asked the judge of prosecutors (she means yes to my question). The prosecution responded with the following “We’re not saying that this is the most dangerous drug in the world…All we’re saying is that the evidence is such that reasonable people could disagree.”

I don’t know how reasonable it is to argue against full legislative evidence. Marijuana is on its way to full legality, and these people are still trying to imprison folks for the rest of their lives. How reasonable is that?

[Via Time]

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