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Kush Your Teeth: Cannabis-Based Dental Products

Kush Your Teeth: Cannabis-Based Dental Products

by March 2, 2015 0 comments

Axim Biotech, a company based out of both New York and the Netherlands, is currently underway with trying to patent its latest product line, Cannabis-based oral hygiene products. While New York’s marijuana laws are growing more lenient, the Netherlands, which has always seemed to be accepting of the plant, has grown quite a bit more strict about regulations over the last few years. However, neither the American laws nor those in the Netherlands are stopping Axim Biotech from pushing its product. The purpose of which, is to create anti-inflammatory dental products, to consist mostly of toothpaste and mouthwash. The company claims that the products should be on the market by fall.

Chief Executive Dr. George Anastassov says that the line will not need FDA approval, because it is not considered medical. The line will be called Oraximax, and will be priced competitively, as a regular toothpaste brand.

The toothpaste does not contain marijuana, but a cannabinoid compound known as¬†Cannabigerol¬†(CBG), which Axim Biotech, who deals only in cannabis-based pharmaceuticals, uses in most of its products. Some of its products include medication for illnesses like glaucoma and autoimmunities. The company’s work is completely legal as it does not grow any of the cannabis plants, and handles only the chemical compounds.

The company has applied for nine other patents in the United States, where it now has heavy competition. However, this is the first anyone has heard of a cannabis-based toothpaste. So that’s fresh!

[Via The Beacon Review]

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