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ISIS Maniacs Destroy £500,000 Worth of Pot

ISIS Maniacs Destroy £500,000 Worth of Pot

by January 12, 2015 1 comment

If you needed another reason to despise those murderous psychopaths, the western world has dubbed “ISIS,” we at CyberPot have found one. One of the latest media releases, although heartbreaking, is fortunately, not of a beheading or kidnapping. No, luckily nobody is being tortured, except for all the onlooking potheads. Those monstrous bastards took it upon themselves to destroy – dangerously so – approximately £500,000 (an estimated $760,000) in marijuana. Unlike other radical Muslim groups, like Al Queda, ISIS condemns the use of drugs like marijuana and heroin, whereas a lot of the other groups tax such substances. Two members of ISIS found the stash in a shed in the town of Characola, near Allepo (that’s in Syria, stoner); they removed the stash in a wheelbarrow, piled it up and set fire to it.

They probably got to enjoy the blaze a little bit, even accidentally, as they ignore their own safety in the process. One of the two men continuously douses the fire in an inflammable liquid, which could have resulted in an explosion.

Hey, who hasn’t been there, though!

The men also burned boxes full of other drugs. Before standing back and watching their work from a safe distance. Ironically, had these guys just smoked a joint of the plant, they’d likely have only burned it in that manner, and hey, maybe they would stop murdering people.

Just a thought.

Talk about a buzzkill. That shit could have lasted a while.

As ridiculous and simultaneously horrifying as it is, one has to look at this story and point a finger while laughing. These guys think that by destroying one stash that they’ve achieved some sort of victory, but if your mom ever found your stash and flushed it, you know that was never any sort of deterrent.

Time to re-up, I guess!

[Via Daily Mail]

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