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Is it Kush or Kosher? Kosher Medical Marijuana

Is it Kush or Kosher? Kosher Medical Marijuana

by February 24, 2015 0 comments

In New York state, Orthodox Jews may be allowed to receive rabbi-approved medical marijuana. Mazel Tov! Of course, this would only be acceptable through a doctor’s intervention. COO of the Orthodox Union’s kosher certification agency, Rabbi Moshe Elefant (also known as “the elefant in the room”) has reportedly spoken with several medical marijuana agencies about giving the plant the “kosher seal of approval.” (Which isn’t the real name for it, okay. But we at CyberPot don’t need research, we’re smart enough to make jokes).

All of this, of course, is the result of country-wide support of marijuana legalization, especially for medical use. Leaders of the Orthodox Jewish community are very much against recreational use of the drug, saying that it is completely prohibited.

Yeah man, but what about spiritual awakening and sitting through sermons?

Medical marijuana is legal in about half of the U.S., and we’re all aware of the group of states that have allowed for recreational use as well. These numbers will only continue to grow. Apparently, the rabbis’ opinions on recreational use are creating a further divide between the Orthodox and Reformed Jewish communities, as many reformed Jews are pro-legalization for medical as well as recreational. Oy vey! What a pain in the neck! But nothing some marijuana couldn’t solve, I’m sure.

Medical marijuana is likely to be given the go ahead in New York by next year, which also means that legal edibles will be available to those patients who cannot smoke the plant. The Kosher certification would be for access to edibles. As marijuana is a plant and so, so heavenly.

The likely cause for things like cigarettes and alcohol (alcohol – wine specifically – is symbolic in Jewish tradition) being allowed by Jewish law, while marijuana isn’t, is because up until recently, weed was thought to be dangerous and harmful by many. As a result, Jewish law would forbid someone from doing something that is harmful to themselves.

That doesn’t explain the cigarettes, but okay, we’re making headway here. Soon marijuana prohibition will be a thing entirely of the past. Or whoever wants to will still smoke weed. It hasn’t stopped anyone in the past.



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