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Would You Do This? Invisible Boyfriend

Would You Do This? Invisible Boyfriend

by January 23, 2015 0 comments

The internet is packed to the brim with human potential. Anything is possible, so much can be found/seen/read/heard/accomplished with high speed, worldwide communication. You can also send your enemies animal shit and glitter and now, you can hide all of your lies more efficiently with a new -and somewhat disturbing – service called Invisible Boyfriend.

We all know how hard it is to keep secrets and lie in the internet age. Social media has easily been the downfall of many relationships, romantic or otherwise. That’s because the internet doesn’t lie, your messages and pictures and all that sneaking around is stored somewhere. So obviously, to help people with questionable morals to continue being dishonest, a website was created to validate and sustain that bad behaviour.

Meet Invisible Boyfriend, where you can create your “perfect” man who will contact you as you please, so you can pretend to be occupied with a relationship. This way you can avoid your friends’ and family’s concerns about you being a lonely weirdo.

The website’s mission statement is thus:

Invisible Boyfriend was created to deliver solutions for those uninterested in a “right now” relationship. Put simply, this platform helps you create credible, reasonable stories that you can bring home to curious mom, your buddies, and coworkers. These stories are backed by virtual and real-world social proof.

While this service is geared towards straight women (there is obviously an Invisible Girlfriend), they do encourage LGBT folks to indulge in this sick game. Which shamefully encourages lesbian women to remain closeted with the aid of Invisible Boyfriend. Here’s what they have to say about it:

Ever been trapped and forced to tell a lie, then another, until even you don’t know the truth? Maybe our real world girlfriends are in a same-sex relationship and they’re hiding the truth from disapproving relatives. Or maybe Larry, a Class 3 clinger, is bothering you at work because you don’t have a better half. Or you’re too invested in work to pursue romance.
Social media has mainstreamed the “relationship status” question. Today’s society, at least the coupled portion, doesn’t mind asking these pressing, super-personal questions of friends and coworkers. Are you LGBT? Deployed overseas? Focusing on a promotion? An Invisible Boyfriend can help you manage real-world distractions.

Users can choose their insignificant other’s (Eh? That was good!) appearance, interests, amongst other things. Customers are also able to choose the means of communication with the false individual (who is played by a real person btw).

What happens when mom wants to meet him?

The website promises the future possibility of some more tangible interactions, which include presents, flowers, and romantic letters, as well as social media interaction. Apparently a lot of women ask about nudes and sexting, but the website claims that they don’t want to head in that direction.

Well, at least they have some morals.


[Via Invisible Boyfriend]

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