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Head Transplants…Yes, Head Transplants

Head Transplants…Yes, Head Transplants

by February 26, 2015 0 comments

I want to caution anyone who is stoned right now, because what I’m about to tell you is gonna trip you the fuck out. You ready?

Scientists are attempting to transplant heads to bodies (or bodies to heads, depending on if you’re a “glass is half full or empty” kinda person). Now, I know it sounds like some sort of sick, human centipede deal, and it kind of is, but this surgery could help people whose bodies are poisoned with cancer, or even potentially, quadriplegics. Though there is concern that people would undoubtingly use this procedure for aesthetic purposes (which is a really fucked up thought), obviously regulations would have to be in place. “Yeah, but how soon could this really be a thing?” you ask. Apparently by 2017, researchers believe they’ll have worked out enough kinks utilizing modern medicine to have the procedure ready for clinical use.

Apparently, this concept dates back to the 1950s (horror movie shit). Vladimir Demikhov, the forerunner in cutting off the heads of things and then replacing them, or head-transplants, attempted the procedure on puppies, but none survived…

…Until the sequel.

In 1970, Dr. Robert White attempted to recreate Demikhov’s experiment with a monkey, and…uh…he was successful. Sort of. The spinal cords were never properly fused. Once adorned,d could only live via life support. So that’s also pretty fucked up.

And that’s the main concern, that the procedure could be potentially immoral. The head has to be kept on ice before being severed, the donor body as well. The head would then be cut at the neck with a clean separation of the spinal chord (you tripping out yet?). Next, it would be connected to a series of tubes until the head is attached to the body with the fusing of the spinal cords. To do this, a substance called polyethylene glycol would be used to help meld together fatty acids. Then the muscles, tendons, and blood vessels would be stitched together. If that isn’t enough, the patient is then put into a coma for a month, to be later awakened for severe physiotherapy.

And now, you can breathe.

While those working on the project are hopeful, other scientists think it’s impossible. Others didn’t even want to respond to the idea. If it works, it could be useful, but we also have bionic bodies and parts underway and that might be surprisingly less horrifying.

[Via IFuckingLoveScience]

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