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The Future of Gardening: Flower Shell Shotguns

The Future of Gardening: Flower Shell Shotguns

by January 28, 2015 0 comments

Having met it’s Indiegogo goal in less than 48 hours, Flower Shell, the new invention by Per Cromwell, is said to be the “new way to seed.” That is, by using a shotgun to spread flower seeds. Now, he’s talking about actual flowers, but we at CyberPot can think of other seeds to use.

Now, he’s talking about actual flowers, but we at CyberPot can think of other seeds that we want to see used.

The project is a way of taking something negative and using it for positive means. Which is pretty great, Cromwell told Wired,”I like gardens more than gardening. I also like guns more than killing. I was thinking there must be a more fun way to garden and a more useful way of using guns. It started out like an art project and it grew, no pun intended.”

We’ll forgive you for that “unintended” pun.

Cromwell co-founded the fantastical Studio Total in Sweden, who’ve created inventions such as a rocking chair that charges mobile devices and flying carpets for pets. Now, they’re tackling social and ecological matters. “I like the idea of turning as many shotguns as possible into flower guns. I don’t think we can plant too many flowers… I have no real problems with real guns for hunting, but I can’t stop feeling it’s better with seeds than lead.” Says Cromwell.

You can even use animal corpses as mulch!

The list of flowers is extensive: columbines, cornflowers, daisies, poppies, sunflowers, clematises, lavenders, sweet peas, lupines, carnations, peonies and numerous meadow flowers. The seeds of which are hand loaded into shotgun shells, with just the right amount of gunpowder, so as, not to destroy the seeds when they’re ejected. He fills the shells with some paper and fabric to further protect the seeds. Cromwell has already planted an entire field of flowers, but he is not without his concerns. “A peony seed fired at close range is dangerous. Very dangerous. You can’t be too careful, and I don’t want this to cause anything bad.” He has been contacted by people asking about how much damage the shells will do, if used for self-defense, and if they can be used for self-defense. With great power…

Hopefully, one day, we’ll be able to plant medicine with the exciting power of a Flower Shell shot. Besides its effectiveness, it sounds like a lot of fucking fun! Check out the video below:





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