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FedEx Delivers Pot to the Wrong Address; Is Not Held Accountable

FedEx Delivers Pot to the Wrong Address; Is Not Held Accountable

by January 5, 2015 0 comments

The International Business Times reported on Friday that Maryangela Tobin of Plymouth, Massachusetts received a mislabeled package from FedEx that any one of us would shit ourselves with joy to find, (although that joy would soon be followed by a paranoia induced by indulging in the package’s contents). Ms. Tobin simply shit herself in fear after opening the parcel which happened to be coming from a marijuana dispensary.

What luck!

When Tobin saw what was in the box she immediately called the police. She also reported that three men had shown up looking for the package.

Oh…nevermind, then.

Tobin attempted to press charges against FedEx for their misnomer: an employee printed out a false address on a label and stuck it over the original handwritten address. Unfortunately for her, the court dismissed the complaints of “invasion of privacy, emotional distress and negligence for mislabeling the package, misdelivering it and then wrongfully disclosing her address,” (International Business Times) as “‘nothing more than a laundry list of possibilities and hypotheticals.’”

Had she partaken in some of the box’s contents, maybe she wouldn’t have been so upset, don’t you think?

Apparently, since dispensary’s clients have started to receive courier delivered packages (instead of picking them up themselves), reports claim that there has been a 20 percent increase in intercepted packages.

Think of it as a new, really fun lottery but, you don’t have to put money down.

Don’t we all wish! It’s still a federal crime to ship marijuana across the United States, even with legalization in some states, and getting caught for intercepting a package would be a way shittier lottery to win.

[Via The International Business Times]

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