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‘Escape From New York’ Remake In The Works

‘Escape From New York’ Remake In The Works

by January 15, 2015 0 comments

‘Escape From New York’ is getting a remake. Some are hopeful, others are rolling their eyes, most probably don’t give a shit, because Hollywood is going to remake everything. The Snake Plissken movies (‘Escape From L.A.’ was the horrendous sequel) being remade, could create the potential for a successful franchise. Plus, the original film takes place in a dystopic 1997, maybe a revamp of the John Carpenter movie is overdue. Many have tried to emulate the story, but nothing all that notable, and considering our current state as a society, the tale may serve as precautionary or at least plausible.

The plot is something like this: Snake Plissken, played by Kurt Russel originally, a badass with an eyepatch, is assigned to find and save the president after Air Force One crash lands in New York. The city has been transformed into a massive high-security prison, and the President was needed at a conference which could prevent a WWIII scenario. Plissken is given 22-hours to find the president, otherwise he’s strapped with explosives which will detonate if he fails his mission.

Fans are hopeful that Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarachy fame could play the lead. Some are interested in seeing Chris Hemsworth, Thor, himself, take up the role. These are just rumors, the movie only got a greenlight this week.

So calm yourselves.

[Via Deadline]

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