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Dutch Passion – Frisian Duck Cannabis

Dutch Passion – Frisian Duck Cannabis

by February 1, 2015 0 comments

Calling all growers, gardeners, aficionados and connoisseurs! Seed company Dutch Passion  has recently developed one of the most beautiful cannabis breeds ever. The most notable characteristic of this new breed is that it’s webbed leaves leave it mostly camouflaged amongst all other plants. The strain of cannabis, Frisian Duck, is named as such, due to it’s webbed leaves.

Look at those leaves! (Credit: Dutch Passion)

Look at those leaves!
(Credit: Dutch Passion)

With leaves like that, the strain is virtually unrecognizable. According to the website: “It’s a cross of our outdoor number-one best seller Frisian Dew with a carefully selected gene bank, ‘Ducksfoot’. ”


Ideal for urban growing, Frision Duck looks nothing like regular cannabis plants. (Credit: Dutch Passion)

Ideal for urban growing, Frisian Duck looks nothing like regular cannabis plants.
(Credit: Dutch Passion)

Dutch Passion further describes the plant as follows:

…tough enough for outdoor growing in Northern Europe or extreme southern latitudes together with webbed leaves to provide the unique ability to make it look like any other wild plant which you might walk straight past…Most of the leaves are webbed and stay that way often into the end stages of flowering.   Whilst most people would recognise the distinctive shape and iconic shape of a normal cannabis leaf they would fail to recognise Frisian Duck as a cannabis plant.  Even experienced growers found it hard to believe.


I do too. And how many of us now want to find this freakin’ plant? I love finding new strains to try. This plant could grow in forests, mom and dad’s garden, and it would remain unnoticed…as a cannabis plant. Though I’m sure once it buds next to mom’s peonies, she may take notice. Especially considering that once the plant flowers, you end up with blue and purple hued buds. It’s likely got a heavy smell, as it’s described as having a pine/citrus scent. The high is reportedly a sativa buzz, and aside from that, it really is a beautiful plant.


Mouthwatering... (Credit: Dutch Passion)

(Credit: Dutch Passion)

To quote an internet meme or two: “So much want!”

Apparently, the notable shape of the leaves does change as the plant ages, so eventually you can end up with the “five-fingered” leaf; the friendly stranger’s outreached hand. However, this is a big step for breeders; it’s taken many generations to get to the point of evolution, and so I have faith that the plant will only be further perfected. They’ve come this far.

You can order the seeds through Dutch Passion. If you do grow this plant, we’d love to see some pictures of your garden. Hell, we’ll take pictures of your current garden. Leave links and comments below.

[Via Dutch Passion]

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