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Driving Stoned Is Safer Than Driving Drunk…Duh!

Driving Stoned Is Safer Than Driving Drunk…Duh!

by February 13, 2015 0 comments

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, following a study, released a report that states that driving while stoned is safer than driving drunk. Well, yeah.

While nobody condones driving under the influence of any drug, I know I can finish a sentence when stoned, the same can’t necessarily be said about drinking. I know that if it came down to it, I would never drive drunk, but if I had smoked a little and had no other option, I would only feel paranoid (but like “Alien’s Are Coming” paranoid) behind the wheel, but not unsafe.

While drinking was found to dramatically increase the possibility of an accident in a car, the same wasn’t found for stoned drivers. Though, marijuana use is 25% more likely to cause an accident, than complete sobriety, even that was adjusted once variables such as age, gender, and race were factored in (really? race?).

Again, obviously drug use in a vehicle is dangerous. However, any pothead reading this article, is going to have rolled their eyes at the basic idea that someone needed to research this. A lot of potheads already have, and likely feel left out of the equation. Potheads are scientists too (I’ve seen a guy make a bong out of a Freezie tube), just watch how we handle fire and smoke and even water. Anyway, I think it’s silly that it wasn’t even assumed that pot was safer than alcohol in yet another facet of life; if it’s safer to simply consume, I think it’s likely safer to use.

[Via Time]

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