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Don’t Puff Puff Pass

Don’t Puff Puff Pass

by January 20, 2015 1 comment

Washington recently legalized marijuana. Now you can enjoy the herb by yourself or with friends or loved ones, but you can’t pass them the joint. If you do pass the joint/bong/cookie/vaporizer that’s considered felony distribution in The Evergreen State. Even if you’re married to the individual, you can land yourself up to 5-years in prison for following proper stoner etiquette.

Pass the dutchie pon…oh shit the cops!

You will also incur a $10,000 fee plus all the bullshit that follows being arrested even if it’s for something silly. And we all know how silly the American legal system can be.

I doubt I need to list the reasons, considering you’re reading this article.

Sure, the police are likely not to bust into your house mid-session, but the possibility still looms, and that’s the real issue. The law itself seems to ridicule the legal system, and it’s the kind of bullshit that Americans are so exhausted by. It makes no sense to leave this kind of felony charge hanging over the matter of legalizing a behavior.

Also, the bill which legalized marijuana in Washington, is already quite slippery, considering marijuana is just barely legal in the state. The drug laws have remained mostly the same, which means it’s still difficult to know what is legal about marijuana. Growing and distribution – specifically – are still up for discussion, however it seems that there are few moves being made to allow for more leniency towards most behaviors involving the plant.

Senate just needs to smoke some of it, themselves.

[Via Seattle Pi]

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