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Paging Dr. Greenthumb: Cypress Hill Rapper To Open Dispensary

Paging Dr. Greenthumb: Cypress Hill Rapper To Open Dispensary

by February 10, 2015 1 comment

Hello, my name is Dr. Greenthumb; I’d like to tell you just where I’m from…Santa Ana, California, actually. Last Thursday, Cypress Hill rapper, B-Real (Louis Freese) won a city lottery, which enables him to open his own medical marijuana dispensary. This will also mark Orange County’s first dispensary, considering the other cities in the county voted for a ban on such businesses in past years.

Freese – whose catalog consists of songs like “I Wanna Get High” and “Hits From The Bong,” -spoke about his win,“I think Santa Ana is willing to take the chance to see if this actually works, kind of like Colorado did with respect to putting the legalization in place.” He continued by saying, “We want to show … if done correctly and legally, all the good things that it can bring to the actual city – jobs, revenue stream, more opportunity and quality of medicine.”

Now B-Real and other applicants are being screened for their criminal histories. Attorney Randall T. Longwith is representing the applicants, but voiced his criticisms towards the process, “Instead of going through all of this … you should be vetting people up front, figuring out who doesn’t have a criminal record and all of that, and then have the lottery.” Longwith has been an advocate to fight for medical marijuana dispensaries to appear on county ballots.

“We wanted everyone to have a fair, unbiased process in being able to be chosen for one of those locations,” said city spokesperson, and councilman, Sal Tinajero.

Seems like that’s what happened, considering the celebrity status of one of the winners. However, some advocates are concerned with the win, “I think it’s kind of unfortunate that the guys who got picked kind of seem like they won the lottery; like they were going to make tons of money, and it’s really more about serving the patients.” Kandice Hawes, founder and director of the Orange County chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said in response. “It kind of seems like the hip-hop music scene is going to be moving to Santa Ana and creating a recreational type market, not medical marijuana.”

Firstly, I’m sure plenty of patients are fans of Cypress Hill and hip-hop, in general. Also, I think it’s unfair to assume that because of a stage persona, an individual can’t be responsible. B-Real (and Cypress Hill) has maintained a well-liked image in the music industry for over 25-years. I think that kind of dedication speaks for itself. Also, he’s a visible figure, who will own a dispensary. If it goes well, it seems like it could be a win for marijuana.


[Via Orange County Register]

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