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A Café That Only Serves Ugly Veggies

A Café That Only Serves Ugly Veggies

by February 13, 2015 0 comments

According to, approximately 40 percent of all food in the United States is thrown out. More surprisingly, a lot of that waste is the result of aesthetic decisions. Meaning, people throw out ugly food, specifically, ugly produce. Owners of a new cafe called Culinary Misfits, Lea Brumsack and Tanja Krakowski, say that the way we consume our produce is unnatural. They argue that carrots shouldn’t be “like soldiers” in their perfection when they come in a bag. So, the two work with local (German) farmers to find the ugliest produce that they can. Conjoined potatoes, tomatoes with some extra “body,” twisted, gnarly carrots and more can be found in their recipes. In Germany, like in the US, much of the harvest is tossed because they don’t meet a particular visual standard, even if the food is good.

Turns out there were more folks like Tanja and Lea, who appreciated this form of culinary activism, and their business took off. There are other businesses like Culinary Misfits, in Germany. For example, by using the site, more than 200 German cities can give away and receive extra food, entirely for free! So Brumsack and Krakowski aren’t alone in their pursuits.

Before starting the cafe, Krakowski was selling crooked carrots from her bicycle while Brumsack was writing a thesis on the distance between people and their produce farms. Seems like a match made in the produce section…you know, like tomato/tomahto.

Then there’s the kind of produce with which those who frequent this site are concerned. It can come in any shape or size, and nobody will say it’s ugly. Unless it’s some schwag, in which case you’d probably just cook or bake with it. It’s all so relatable.

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