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Apple Weeds Out Pot Related Apps

Apple Weeds Out Pot Related Apps

by January 26, 2015 0 comments

There is so much confusion right now in the world of marijuana. While the U.S. (and the rest of the world) grows more lenient towards the legalization of recreational and medical marijuana, more types of businesses are trying to cash in on the latest big investment. The electronic world is no different. Hey! Look at us!

Though because the plant’s legality, in the United States, remains in limbo as it’s illegal on a federal level, a lot of business are finding themselves in financial and operational purgatory. CyberPot recently covered the issue regarding dispensaries not being able to store their money in banks. Now, pot-based phone applications are seeing trouble from Apple’s App Store. While Google Play seems to not be giving developers any trouble.

Companies such as the Denver-based social media application, MassRoots, have seen their apps rejected, even after 14 months since their original publication. The App store’s legal guideline 22.1 says, “Apps must comply with all legal requirements in any location where they are made available to users.” Apple is obviously aware of the current marijuana movements, and progress made in regards to reform. They are concerned with the idea that marijuana is still illegal across the country, as a Schedule I substance. The best these businesses can do is start petitioning, as MassRoots have, which garnered over 10,000 signatures. Apple’s App Store has made software developers billions of dollars, so it’s no wonder why companies are upset. The longer their sites are down, the more money they’re missing out on. Developers are upset that they are left to play guessing games with regards to Apple’s policies on the types of software deemed acceptable and all nuances there within.

What a nightmare!

According to the developer of an app calledWeedmaps (guess what that does), Apple has an issue with the displaying of pot menu prices, reviews, coupons, any mention of the words “recreational,” “retail,” “adult use” or “21-plus,” and even its 4:20 alarm.

But you can go sexually harass women on Tinder, that’s okay.

The biggest issue now, is that even once an app is accepted. During update periods, or following bug fixes, the apps could still see rejection from the App Store.

Sounds like Apple needs to get its head out of its apps.

I’m sorry for that one.

[Via The Cannabist]



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