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Alaska Police Raid Charlo Greene’s Dispensary

Alaska Police Raid Charlo Greene’s Dispensary

by March 24, 2015 0 comments

A few months back, there was a viral video going around of a CBS news anchor quitting on air. She said “Fuck it” in regards to her job and prohibition, and then walked off to pursue more commendable exploits, such as marijuana activism and even starting a dispensary. Charlene Egbe, now known as Charlo Greene is that woman. Last week Alaska police attempted a scare tactic by raiding Greene’s compassion club, which is not actually a dispensary (yet). It’s a place for cardholders to find solace from the legal insanity and obnoxious ignorance of the federal government. Of course, the bullies wouldn’t have that, so they came to disturb the peace. Finding nothing, as Greene told The Guardian, “We don’t sell any recreational marijuana. We don’t sell any medical marijuana. This is a place for cardholders to come and share their own cannabis.”

So did the police come, find nothing and leave empty handed? Of course not! “I saw them uproot a couple of marijuana plants. They took some bongs and pipes and phones and computers, and that’s pretty much it,” Greene told reporters as the police left the scene.

Did Greene get scared off and shut down her legal business because of a few government sheepdogs? Nope! She reopened the very next day. “By opening back up bright and early, less than 24 hours after the local police department’s failed scare tactic, we, at the Alaska Cannabis Club, have made it clear that the will of the people is stronger than any force they have and we aren’t going anywhere.” She continued to say that she was appalled that the police would waste time bothering innocents, while right down the street there was a shooting and a stabbing that went uninspected.

Marijuana was voted-in for legal use and possession in the state of Alaska, but it’s illegal to sell the drug. Since the shop wasn’t selling the drug, it seems that the police wanted to leave the message that they’re watching, in case someone decides to break that law. Good for them!

[Via The Guardian]


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