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A Man Walks Into A Police Station And Gets Weed

A Man Walks Into A Police Station And Gets Weed

by March 5, 2015 0 comments

Washington D.C. recently decriminalized marijuana possession of up to 2-ounces of marijuana on a person 21-years and up. However, it was still quite shocking to District-6 police, when a man, who had been arrested, walked into the police station and asked for his weed back, following the arrest. Guess what the police did? They did exactly that.

The police gave a man his weed back. I repeat, THE POLICE GAVE A MAN HIS WEED BACK!

According to the new law, police are allowed to confiscate marijuana from a person, if they have no identification indicating their legal age. However, that person has 30 days (after a 24 hour wait, following an arrest) to claim their cannabis or edibles, before the items are destroyed as contraband.

Yeah, “destroyed.”

Yvette Alexander, a district board member, told reporters that the man walked straight into the police station, looking collect his belongings after his recent arrest “He walked in and said, ‘I want my property back, and want to make sure I get my weed back.'” She was told by an employee of the police station, who was witness to the event. The officers did as the law instructed, and they gave him his weed back.

I’m sure there are stoners all over the world saying, “Man, I got in so much trouble for no reason as a teenager.”

Hopefully soon, we’ll see people going to police stations to collect their fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, husbands, wives, cousins, uncles, aunts, friends and comrades from police stations as they’re free from their unconstitutional charges regarding marijuana-related arrests. We, at CyberPot have a dream.




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