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Man At Bus Stop Tells Other Man “It’s Cold Outside”

Man At Bus Stop Tells Other Man “It’s Cold Outside”

by March 2, 2015 0 comments

With record-breaking cold and snow this year, many Americans are seeking other Americans to discuss the record-breaking cold and snow this year. A Boston, Mass. man, Gordie McNulty, 37, is said to have done exactly that, at a bus stop.

“The conversation was pretty freakin’ simple. Basically, I told this dude ‘It’s wicked cold’ and he was like ‘Tell me about it.’ So I did.”

The story was confirmed by the other man, Jamie O’Hara, 29. “You know, when it’s cold outside, you feel like talking about it. It makes it easier to deal with or something. When you’re standing at the bus stop, and a stranger is like ‘It’s terrible out here. You gotta just be like, ‘I know, tell me about it.’ And they do.”

A woman who stood by as the two spoke about the banalities of Winter said the following:
“I don’t know why people have to discuss something as mundane as the weather; it seems like a waste of time to me.¬†Especially because both [McNulty and O’Hara] started discussing climate change, still referring to it as ‘global warming’ and using that as their scientific basis for why the terrible weather is proof that climate change is impossible. I wanted to correct them, but I’m not really prepared for that. The experts are barely prepared for that.”

The two men, allegedly got on the bus together, finalizing their conversation before parting ways on opposite ends of the bus.

“He was a wicked good guy, to stand at the bus stop with. I’d definitely do it again, but I’m no f** or nothing.” Said McNulty.

“Me neither.” Said O’Hara.



This article is a work of humor and satire and is in no way a real news article. If you thought it was, you probably need to reconsider some things in life. 

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