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Welcome to ADR1FT

Welcome to ADR1FT

by April 4, 2015 0 comments

In early 2013 there was plenty of controversy surrounding new features that were being added to the Xbox One. Mainly Microsoft making it a requirement that the system always be connected to the internet in order to play games. And on April 4th 2013, while having a sarcastic conversation with a friend over twiter,  Microsoft’s Creative Director Adam Orth to it upon him self to address the public’s concerns. He Tweeted  “Every device now is ‘always on.’ That’s the world we live in. #Dealwithit“. This was followed by a few more joking comments but the gaming community did not take this so lightly. A massive public backlash ensued against Orth and Microsoft, which lead to him losing his job. In an interview with IGN Orth stated that this one tweet had “ruined his life and put him and his family at financial risk”.

As terrible as this experience must have been, it provided the inspiration for Orth to break away and develop ADR1FT. With the team at 505 Games, Adam Orth is looking to bring an experience that expresses his conflict. The game takes place aboard a heavily damaged space station, where an astronaut has woken up with no recollection of how she arrived there. She must find out what happened by traversing the debris, all while her space suit is leaking oxygen. Check out the trailer:

ADR1FT is a metaphor of isolation and panic Orth felt after he was let go from Microsoft, but this game isn’t simply a representation of his struggle. The team at 505 wants to bring a new innovative experience to the player. After watching you’ll be happy to hear that ADR1FT has full Oculus Rift support. When asked about the virtual reality experience Adam Orth said “It connects you to the game in a fundamental way, because everyone has their own idea of what being stranded out in space feels like”. He followed by saying that the VR version of the game is so moving that some people have cried after playing it. This is a different approach to a first person game, there’s no weapons, no enemies, not even another living person, it’s just you against the environment.

It’s great to see success form out of loss and that developers are embracing the new wave of technology that’s impending. There’s no release date for ADR1FT yet and the trailer is pre alpha so it might be awhile. If you don’t like it, #Dealwithit.

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